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About us

The Influence Company (TIC) is part of the Zuidema Group

The Zuidema Group with it’s HQ in the Netherlands, is an independent training and consultancy agency with over 75 employees, founded in 1962. This gives us a rich history, valuable knowledge, and ample experience in the world of learning and development.

To develop positive influencing skills in as many people as
’, that is our aim, because Influential people achieve
more in their collaboration with others. They focus on their goals
and working relations at the same time. This balance ensures that they get
things done together with others in a faster, more pleasant and effective

TIC is the proud owner of the master license of the Situational Influence Model®, and the Positive Power and Influence® (PPI®) Programme, including all other related programmes, materials and concepts based on the Situational Influence Model® and PPI® for the EMEA region.

We offer our blended training programmes and other learning and coaching interventions across the world for a wide variety of international customers going from heavy industry to finance, from government to retail and from consultancy to ICT. Besides we welcome hundreds of participants from all levels in multinational companies in our open enrolment programmes every year.

We are perceived as THE influence expert on the market:

  • Full focus on Positive Influencing; reach your goals and strengthen your working relations at the same time
  • Certified trainers; all our trainers are certified and re-certified every 2 years
  • Influence Model®; the only model in the world that combines the ‘What’ and the ‘How’
  • Didactic design of our programmes; full focus on becoming more effective in daily practice 
  • Decades of experience in changing (influence) behaviour; we know what works and what does not