About The Influence Company

Our story

TIC is an independent family owned training and consultancy agency with ±60 employees, founded in 1962. This gives us a rich history, valuable knowledge, and ample experience in the world of learning and development.


‘To develop positive influencing skills in as many people as possible’, that is our aim, because Influential people have more impact on others in a positive way.

TIC is the sole licensor of PPIP, the Influence Model® and all programmes build on that for the EMEA Region. Together with our partner in the US and Asia, we offer training programmes and interventions across the world.

We are perceived as the influence expert on the market: 

Influence is more important than ever

In today’s world, the ability to influence others effectively, to meet objectives and build productive relationships, is more critical than ever.
Here’s why:

The Influence Model®

The Influence Model®, developed by Berlew and Harrison psychologists at Havard and Yale University in the Seventies. They found out that the most successful people in companies where those who were able to adjust their communication style flexibly during conversations. As a result these people achieved their goals and maintained their working relationships. They translated the behaviours they saw in a simple and effective model that comprises both the ‘what’ you can do and ‘how’ you can do it. The Influence Model® distinguishes between Push and Pull energy. Push and Pull energy each have two variations. Underneath these four influence styles you find a total of 12 behaviours.

The model reflects the influence behaviours every person possess. The thing is, that we are not using them all correctly and effectively most of the time. The model offers you insights in what you can do and how you can do it. This makes it a very practical model you can use straight away.

Certified trainers

We have a large group of Certified Influence Trainers. All have been certified and are recertified every 2 years. This benefits the quality of delivery throughout EMEA. Next to the Influence Model® and our Programme Design, the Five Habits are a crucial part of the certification process. These Habits make sure that you will get the best possible effect out of the training.

The Five Habits

Personal contact

Approach every participant without any prejudice.

Coding Influence behaviour

Ability to code behaviour according to the Influence Model® flawlessly.

‘Pure’ Feedback

Give clear and concise feedback without any subjective colouring.

Professional distance

We only work on personal development, not on issues with a therapeutic origin.

Self Directed Learning

The programme evolves around the participant, not the trainer. The trainer ‘just’ facilitates the learning process of the participant.


For years, we’ve been acknowledged by a diverse range of companies. The examinations necessary for these acknowledgements keep us sharp in running our business and providing excellent services.


“When you know that you can crack a problem not by changing the problem but by changing the way you approach it, that’s influence.”

International insurance company

“It exceeded my expectations. I didn’t anticipate that we would be using the Influence Model® in right away in our daily routine.”

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