Certified trainers

We have a large group of 30 Certified Influence Trainers. All have been certified in the Zuidema Academy and are recertified every 2 years. This benefits the quality of delivery throughout EMEA.

Certification of our professionals

Our certification process is challenging, strict and intensive. If you start as an influence trainer at The Influence Company, you first go into training before you are allowed to facilitate a group on your own. This certification process takes no less than 12 months. In this year you will experience the didactic set-up of our programs, so that you can execute them at the highest level in terms of content, process, working methods and interventions. 

In addition, you master our unique Influence Model®, so that you are able to recognize and code influence behaviour flawlessly. You will also learn to master the 5-Habits of a Certified influence professional. 

The Five Habits

Personal contact

Approach every participant without any prejudice.

Coding Influence behaviour

Ability to code behaviour according to the Influence Model® flawlessly.

‘Pure’ Feedback

Give clear and concise feedback without any subjective colouring.

Professional distance

We only work on personal development, not on issues with a therapeutic origin.

Self Directed Learning

The programme evolves around the participant, not the trainer. The trainer ‘just’ facilitates the learning process of the participant.


After certification, further professionalization will follow within our own Academy. We continuously challenge our trainers to work on their own professional development: what impact do you have on the participant? What is your next step as a professional and how do you get there? Every two years there is a recertification that determines whether you, as a trainer, can once again achieve the quality level of a true influence expert.


We take the feedback from our customers and participants very seriously. The participant always assesses the trainer, the program and the location. We set targets on these items and check every evaluation. When we score below par, we determine actions to improve this. Why is this awarded with an 8 and not the desired target of 9 out of 10. And what can we do to make the impact even greater for the participants? This information is in turn input for the agenda of the professionalization days within our Academy.

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