Our story and misson

The Influence Company (TIC) is part of the Zuidema Group

TIC is the sole licensor for the Positive Power and Influence Programme® (PPIP) and the Influence Model® for the EMEA Region. With TIC and our partner licensors in the US and in Asia, we are able to make PPIP® available in 40 countries.

Our Positive Power and Influence Programme® has been running for more than 40 years. Over 300,000 people have participated in this effective programme, and more people are enrolling still, every day. 

Our aim is to develop positive influencing skills in as many people as possible

Why? Influential people have more impact on others in a positive way.

How? By enriching and sharing our expertise in order for others to discover, learn and use the power of positive influence.

What? Using blended training programmes, digital performance tools and sharing knowledge via social media.

Influence according to us

Influence is a human trait. We all have the power to be influential, and it’s been in us from the day we were born. Yet how come we can be quite influential under certain circumstances, but seem to have no influence in others? Everyone has their own style of influencing. Some might easily take charge in a group, whilst others are more comfortable in a mediating role. Although it might seem one style takes precedence over another, there is no right or wrong style. In fact, it is all about being able to apply the right style in the right situation. Learning to recognize and work with the different styles is something we all, whether as individuals, a team or as an organization, can learn and develop. 

The degree of influence no longer depends on your hierarchical position in a network and its associated power (influence 1.0), or the amount of knowledge and experience you have (influence 2.0). Influential people are enthusiastic people who are able to build relationships and inspire others to work together (influence 3.0).

At The Influence Company we believe that influencing is the key skill for everybody to become truly successful. We are perceived as the influence expert on the market because of our decades of experience in changing (influence) behaviour, our Certified Influence Trainers and our unique Influence model®.

Influence is the key soft skill

In today’s world, the ability to influence others effectively, to meet objectives and build productive relationships, is more critical than ever. Here’s why: The organisational drive for greater agility, competitive advantage, and efficiency in the context of a high-speed, super-connected world, can only be delivered by workers with excellent cognitive and social skills. 

Sources of positional power – status, resources, expertise – are being eroded by technology. Shifting organisational and social norms mean that everyone is expected to exercise their personal power and influence regardless of their position in the organisation. Developing workers’ personal power and influence skills means that everyone in the organisation can contribute to it.

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