The Influence Model®

The Influence Model® offers tools to manage situations in a positive way and to get things done, by consciously using different influence styles. Without power, based on respect for the other and based on your personal strength.

Discover the difference in effect

Communicate with influence

Communicatie without influence

You communicate more effectively if you consciously use the right behavior and switch styles flexibly. That is why our training courses are based on the Influence Model®. The good news is that you have been born with all the styles and behaviours. You only need to learn how and when to apply them correctly.

The Influence Model®

The model works from different behavior types, or different ways of exerting influence. We distinguish two energy directions: push energy and pull energy.

With push energy you take up space and you express what is happening in your head (what you think or want). With pull energy you give space and you invite the other to indicate what he thinks or wants. As you can see in the picture, the two energies are divided in 4 styles and 10 behaviours. This makes the model very pragmatic and easy to grasp.

In addition to these four influence styles, the Influence Model® has a fifth component: moving away. Moving away is not a separate style, but a tactic.

Increase your influence and achieve more

By practicing a lot, everyone can increase their influence skills. You already have the styles “in” you. The question is whether you are already applying them efficiently. By training your influence skills and applying them successfully, you can increase your influence. In all our training courses you will work on increasing your influence skills under the guidance of our own certified trainers. Thanks to our pragmatic approach and the focus on situations from your work practice, we ensure maximum return on your time investment.

How do you score on the four influence styles?

Find out how influential you are by taking the influence test. You will receive an overview of your scores per influence style and discover where you have room to improve.

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