Why giving feedback is important

Giving feedback contributes to a positive and healthy work environment. Employees feel more engaged and deliver quality work. Collaboration also becomes smoother. However, we often find it difficult to give feedback that others truly benefit from. And that’s a shame because feedback yields tremendous results. Here are 5 reasons why giving feedback is so important.

#1 Increased Motivation

Feeling appreciated is a fundamental human need. We all want to hear if we’re doing well. When a colleague acknowledges that you handled a task well or successfully completed a project, you feel like you’re contributing to the organization’s success. The effect? You feel more accountable, are more willing to try new things, and are inclined to bring out the best in yourself.

#2 Achieving Goals Faster

Through feedback, you learn what you should (or shouldn’t) do to reach your personal goals more quickly. It also improves collaboration between teams, ultimately leading to achieving team goals faster. By receiving continuous feedback, you can assess at any moment whether you’re still on track. This way, you know if you’re aligning with where your team or organization wants to go.

#3 Working on Blind Spots

Feedback from different perspectives results in a larger and more complete self-image. And yes, we all have our shortcomings… Receiving negative feedback can be challenging. However, the truth gives you the opportunity to improve yourself. You discover your blind spots and can work on them concretely.

#4 Developing Talents

We always welcome positive feedback. When you receive it, you become aware of your strengths. You grow professionally and personally, thereby expanding your potential. And you develop your talents! By regularly giving feedback to others, you genuinely help them progress.

#5 Increased Job Satisfaction

When you receive attention and recognition, you go to work with more enjoyment. Additionally, by giving feedback, you express your feelings and address underlying frustrations more quickly. An open feedback culture leads to a better atmosphere and collaboration. Who wouldn’t want that?

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