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You communicate all day long, often on automatic pilot. During a meeting, on the phone and by email. But are you making the most of it? Are you aware of the effect that your communication has on the situation and on the other person? Good, effective communication is the basis for positive results and successful collaboration.

Do you recognize the endless discussions you have with colleagues? That you can’t make your point without getting long-winded and repeating yourself? That the others don’t join your enthusiasm and you are pushing your way through? Or that you let yourself be completely overwhelmed and do not indicate your boundaries?

Effective communication plays a key role in all our training courses. Whatever your learning goal is, our trainers and influence experts know how they can teach you to become more influential. With a communication training from The Influence Company you can take communication skills to the next level. You will learn to achieve your goals and collaborate with others in a pleasant way.

Do something really different tomorrow than today

During the training you will examine your way of communicating, discover what your pitfalls are and where there are opportunities for you to develop your communication. You learn to communicate briefly to convey your ideas. Asking specific questions to discover what is going on with the other. Respond more assertively and express your limits and expectations. Inspire and motivate others to collaborate.

Everything depends on effective communication. It is the basis for positive results and good cooperation. Make a difference for yourself, make it easier and more fun. Both business and private.

What do our communication training courses look like?

Every training at The Influence Company consists of different phases. Starting with the theory about our own communication model: the Influence Model®. With this theory you will learn new ways of communicating and you will experience the benefits if you approach conversations in a different way than you usually do. You will dive into the different communication styles and learn by practicing with situations from your own work situation, together with your fellow participants.

The training courses are intensive, confrontational and educational. What you learn is directly applicable in practice. Participate in one of our training courses and experience the benefits if you approach things differently than you are used to.

Knowing, doing, feeling and changing

Learning something new takes time. Acquiring new skills and actually applying them in practice requires even more. We have listed below what you can achieve within a given time:





Follow a communication training at The Influence Company

Do you want to improve your communication skills? This is possible with the following training courses:

Positive Power and Influence® Programme
The Influential Communication Programme
Foundations of Influence

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Are you in doubt about which communication training suits your learning demand? Let one of our training experts advise you about the options during a telephone consultation. They are happy to talk to you about issues that you encounter in your work and goals that you want to achieve. We will call you on a day and time of your choice.

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