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Positive Power & Influence® Programme

Positive Power and Influence® Programme

Also available as In-House course

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Positive Power and Influence® Programme

You’re at that stage where you want to present yourself, your ideas or proposals optimally. You notice that working well with others is crucial in doing so and want to gain more insight in your own behaviour and that of your clients and colleagues. You’re able to examine yourself critically.

What are you going to do?

  • Analysing current influence behaviour
  • Breaking behavioural patterns
  • Understanding & recognizing influence behaviour
  • Continuous feedback loop

You will learn all levels of the The Influence Model®;

  • Level 1: Influence Energy
  • Level 2: Influence Style
  • Level 3 – Influence Behaviour

This will be the result

  • Insight into your behaviour and that of others around you
  • You can be firm without hurting the other party
  • You can handle conflicts and resistance from others efficiently
  • You’re able to effectively state what you want and what results you expect
  • You’re able to persuade others of your plans
  • You create enthusiasm and getting others on board with your vision or idea