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In-House Courses

Upskill your workforce with TIC

Many organizations struggle with their teams not performing optimally. This is often caused by a lack of influence, effectiveness, and communication within the organization. As a result, they miss opportunities, waste valuable resources, and risk falling behind the competition.
At The Influence Company, we understand this issue and offer an effective solution. Our in-house courses are meticulously designed to enhance the personal effectiveness, leadership, and communication skills of your team members. With our proven approach, we help organizations transform their teams and elevate them to a higher level of success.


We provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

Top Trainers

We work with experienced top trainers who are trained by ourselves.

Highly Rated

Highly appreciated courses: 97.3% of participants recommend us.

Tailor-Made solutions for your team or organization

Together we identify the practical outcomes the in-house course should achieve. Subsequently, we design the program by reasoning backward from that desired outcome.

We look at proven modular blocks that can be combined, allowing participants to engage in practical activities.

Our approach includes the use of proven modular blocks, which often comprise a combination of physical and online elements. This provides a balanced learning experience where participants are actively involved.

Step 1: Speak with a consultant
What issue does your team or department have? What should the effect of the training be in practice? Together we look at your learning needs and whether this fits with our program and vision.
Step 2: Match
We will present or explain our detailed training design. Based on this, we fine-tune the program and finalize the proposal.
Step 3: Planning
Our consultant chooses the right trainer and takes it into account in the context and needs of your organization. Then we would like to hear which date and location you prefer. Our project manager will then start planning.
Step 4: Preparing participants
All participants will receive an invitation for the preparatory online 'homework'. This usually happens 4 weeks before the first training day.
Step 5: Training days
The participants get to work on their skills, under the guidance of our experienced trainer. Our training consists of 20% theory and 80% practice.
Step 6: Evaluation
4 to 6 weeks after the training, you will evaluate the program with our consultants. Has it produced the desired effect in practice? We will see if we can provide support somewhere.

Popular In-House Courses

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Boost your Influence
Positive Power & Influence® Boostday

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Unlock your organization's full potential

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Choose The Influence Company and give your team the opportunity to grow, have more influence, achieve their goals, and build strong relationships. Transform your organization today with our in-house courses for influence and success. Feel free to reach out to us for more information, inquiries, or to schedule a consultation. We are here to assist you.