Why influence?

What is influence, when do you have it, and why are influence skills essential for being and remaining successful and relevant as a professional?

Influence is a tricky term, we admit. It’s not immediately associated with practical skills that can be learned in training. You might even lump influence together with power or manipulation. At The Influence Company, we see influence as a very positive term. Our definition of influence is about the behavior you employ to steer situations in your favor without straining the relationship with your conversation partner.

Positive influence is the foundation of your career. People who are flexible in their influential behavior have more impact and can achieve more.

Positive influence is about making an impact




Good and wrong

Hopes to be right

Works with people

Appreciates others

Expects feedback or criticism

Motivates people by genuinely connecting with them

Relies on collaboration to get things done

Negative influence is about wielding power

Me versus you



Good or bad

Wants to be right

Uses people

Requires recognition from others

Doesn’t tolerate feedback or criticism

Motivates people through pressure

Relies on authority to get things done

When are you truly influential?

Influential people take responsibility for what they want, have a clear goal in mind, and can inspire and lead others towards that vision. So… why influence? So that you gain insight into your natural behavior, can flexibly apply that behavior, and accomplish much more with less effort together with your conversation partners or colleagues.

Influence behaviour in practice

In practice, influence is about making positive changes in your career so that you can continue to grow and develop as an employee, employer, and colleague.

We see influential individuals as those who can effectively switch between acting goal-oriented and relationship-oriented. They are successful people who are adaptable in their behavior and perform well in various situations. They know how to “read” a situation as it unfolds and then employ the influential behavior that achieves the best results—for everyone involved.

Influence has everything to do with gaining insight into your own behavior—self-reflection is definitely involved. Essentially, we teach you how to be your most effective self; a motivated individual who pursues their personal goals. It’s not only useful in the workplace but also in your everyday life.