Asserting Influence Style

With the Asserting influence style, you stand up for your own boundaries, norms, and values. You leave no room for discussion. 

Use appropriate pressure with the Asserting Influence Style

You’ve probably experienced it: a colleague who never keeps commitments. You’ve asked them a hundred times, and they say they’ll do it, but nothing happens. This becomes much easier with powerful social skills.

It’s important to do this in the right way and apply it at the right moment. Perhaps you are good at Asserting, but you often use the wrong timing.

  • You take full control of the conversation.
  • You clearly communicate your expectations or opinions to the other person.
  • You stand up for your own demands, expectations, boundaries, norms, and values.
  • You leave no room for discussion

Become more assertive and create clarity

Do you often find yourself in situations at work where others don’t keep their agreements? Or where someone does or says something you don’t appreciate? Take our Influence Test®, discover how you score on the Asserting Influence Style, and identify areas for improvement.

When you apply Asserting effectively and at the right moment

When you apply Asserting ineffectively or at the wrong moment