Attracting Influence Style

Attracting is crucial if you want to get people on board towards that goal on the horizon. This is the communication style you use to create support.

Ignite the fire in others with the Influence Style “Atttracting”

You have a fantastic plan for your team’s next growth step. You’ve prepared a fancy presentation and pitch your vision during your team meeting. Unfortunately, you only encounter “yes, but” responses, and you quickly find yourselves in an endless discussion. Energy and enthusiasm are gone.

Look for what binds you all together. What is the common denominator? Maybe you’re on the same project team, professionals in the same field, or you all love soccer. Use imagination, pictures, metaphors. Speak in ‘we’ and ‘our.’ Inspire and see the sparkle in the other person’s eyes. That’s the Influence Style “Attracting.”

It’s important to do this in the right way. Maybe you easily convey your enthusiasm to others, but you do it mainly based on arguments. That’s not inspiring but pushing, and it makes people dig in their heels.

  • You believe in the vision you’re conveying.
  • You paint a vivid picture of the destination.
  • You motivate and inspire.
  • You give meaning and substance and bring others together.

Inspire and unleash energy in others

How nice would it be if you could present a vision that people naturally get excited about and actively want to contribute to? Can you imagine it? Take our Influence Test®, discover how you score on the Influence Style “Attracting,” and identify areas for improvement.

When you apply Attracting effectively and at the right moment

When you apply Attracting ineffectively or at the wrong moment: