Persuading Influence Style

Persuading is the influence style you employ when you need to use your persuasive abilities and good arguments to make your point.

Put content at the center with the Persuading Influence Style

You reiterate the reasons why you believe something should or should not be done. From your perspective, it’s as clear as day. But despite your laundry list of facts and logic, your conversation partner doesn’t engage with it. Why not?

This style revolves around factual knowledge. You support your proposal or opinion with facts, logic, and substantive knowledge. With Persuading, you take space and express what you believe is wise. However, you also leave room for the other person to present their arguments. The style is successful when, together with the other person, you seek the best solution.

It’s important to do this in the right way and apply it at the right moment. Perhaps you are good at substantiating your proposals, but you use too many arguments or are not concise, making it difficult to get your point across.

  • You know the facts.
  • You make proposals and substantiate them succinctly.
  • You take space but also leave room for the other person.
  • You work together to find a solution.

Improve your persuasive skills

Do you often find yourself in situations at work where your proposal turns into a debate? Where you can’t make your point, and you get stuck in endless back-and-forth arguments without reaching a solution? Take our Influence Test®, discover how you score on the Persuading Influence Style, and identify areas for improvement.

When you apply Persuading effectively and at the right moment

When you apply Persuading ineffectively or at the wrong moment