Influential Communication Programme

Improve your individual style of communication and discover your strengths.

Do you recognize this?

Then The Influential Communication Programme will help you be to become more aware about your communication patterns and its strengths and weaknesses. You will learn new influencing styles that will help you to be more successful in your communication.

Learn to communicate effectively with a truly focus on the other

The Influential Communication Programme is a demanding and powerful programme, in which you will learn to look beyond your immediate interests and goals. Your individual style of communication is the main focus of the programme. How do you recognize the signals that require you to shift focus in a conversation? How do others perceive you and the delivery of your message? What are the strengths and weaknesses in your communicational behaviour? And how do you truly connect to a conversational partner beyond facts and argumentation?

What participants say

The Influential Communication Programme

Improve your influencing skills in 3 days. Get to know the difference between the influence styles and make a beginning in practicing these styles. This three-day experience will make you aware of your influence behaviour and that of others. It is a good start to become more influential. 

All our programmes are available as virtual trainingprogrammes. Experience a live virtual training with your fellow participants under the guidance of one of our influence experts.

Price excl. VAT,  venue, arrangement and overnight stay.

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