Positive Power and Influence® Programme

Improve your positive influencing skills and achieve more than you could imagine.

Do you recognize this?

Approach situations differently and reach your goals effectively!

During the Positive Power and Influence ® Programme, you’ll be challenged to explore your own behaviour. You will recognize patterns that are not effective and develop effective influencing skills sustainably. During the training days, you’ll experiment with new behaviour and will receive an abundance of personal feedback. All to quickly own your newly learned behaviour.

PPI® Programme facts:

Choose your PPI® experience

All our programmes are available as virtual trainingprogrammes. Experience a live virtual training with your fellow participants under the guidance of one of our influence experts. 

InCompany Only

Positive Power and Influence ® Programme in 3 days

Improve your influencing skills in 3 days. Get to know the difference between the influence styles and make a beginning in practicing these styles. This three-day experience will make you aware of your influence behaviour and that of others. It is a good start to become more influential. 

Price excl. VAT,  venue, arrangement and overnight stay.

Please contact us for the possibilities via customerservice@influencecompany.com or call us +31 33 434 5800.

Open enrollment and InCompany 

Positive Power and Influence ® Programme in 5 days

Become an influence expert in 5 days. Get out of your daily practice, dive into the world of influence behaviour and become a pro in practicing the different influence styles. This ultimate five-day experience will change your life and you will truly change your influential behaviour.

Price excl. VAT,  venue, arrangement and overnight stay.

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For other options please contact us via customerservice@influencecompany.com 
or call us +31 33 434 5800.

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