Virtual trainingprogrammes

All our programmes are available as virtual trainingprogrammes. Experience a live virtual training with your fellow participants under the guidance of one of our influence experts. 

Virtual trainingprogrammes. How do they work?

We notice that a lot of people find it hard to imagine what online trainings are like. Very understandable. Switching to online just like that, is this possible? Will you be able to get the same results out of it? Due to the rise of smart online tools it is remarkable how much is possible. The challenge is: how do you achieve the same effect as you would through a classroom training?

Together with our team of behavioural experts, we have developed a completely different approach to learning online. Online training at The Influence Company is much more than having a trainer in front of a webcam.

"A lot of participants, were initially quite sceptical about online training, but all of them were positive in the end. During the programme they notice it works well and that there are much more possibilities than they thought."
Desiree Nouwen
Influence expert at the Influence Company

Our approach

These here are our key ingredients to a virtual training:

1. The trainer is ‘just one button or click away’.
Always there for you. Normally conversations might arise organically in the hallway or at the coffee machine. That is not possible now. That’s why we plan individual 10-minute talks, during which questions can be answered, feedback can be given or reflection can be done together. Besides that, the trainer is able to help out more quickly and more often in one of the break-out rooms. After all, the trainer is ‘just one button or click away’.

2. Fun
Laughing and relaxing. We encourage participants to stick around after the training, to have drinks and talk things over. By then our trainers have usually retreated from the group. This way people can discuss things online and continue learning in an informal atmosphere.

3. Energy management
Active and energetic: learning through a screen naturally requires energy. By providing a good learning pace with lots of variety, you and your fellow participants will remain alert, challenged, and active.

Our trainers will keep an eye on you and your group’s energy level and check what is needed in the moment, e.g. an extra break.

5. Technology that works
There is no bigger dissatisfier than technology that doesn’t work. That’s why we have multiple studios. In these studios, good connection, lighting, image and sound, are key. Training in all timezones is possible. The trainer is able to completely focus on the group, since our technical support is always stand-by.

By sending a Whatsapp to our technician you can get help straight away, when there are technical issues at your end. 

4. Interactive and dynamic sessions
During the training you will not spend a long time behind your laptop. Plenary sessions in ‘Teams’ are alternated by interactive ‘break-outs’, Q&A sessions, Kahoot! quizzes, videos, and writing down personal insights. Role playing is done through 1-on-1 video calling. You could call other group members while taking a walk outside for instance. You can reflect wherever you feel most comfortable.

A suitable solution for your organization

Together we will come to a suitable solution for your organization. Let’s get in touch.

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